If you want to get a feel of calmness and comfort then this candle holder is ideal for you.

This candle setting surely gives a classic and attractive look.

You can find such candles from the market with ease. Through some creativity you can make something like this.

There is no limit to creativity and this candle setting is a perfect example of this fact.

Get some driftwood and attach some nice candles with it to make something unique like this.

Get a driftwood block, a barbed wire or rope and a candle to make this perfect candle holder.

Decorate your glass with driftwood. The shape of the glass will automatically determine the beauty of the design.

Not a bad idea to apply, if you want to add some uniqueness in your residence.

You can develop giant candles however here instead of wax you will be having driftwood.

This may require some effort; however the end result is pretty attractive.