If you want to place the sun in the middle of driftwood then this idea will surely serve your purpose.

Get some driftwood and paint it with white to make this wonderful shelf like structure.

If you have driftwood with this size at your disposal, why do not you fix some Glass slabs in it? It will surely make a nice decorative piece.

If you have a table glass at your disposal then you can surely place it on a unique driftwood setting to make something beautiful like this.

This is a perfect example of beauty, creativity and artwork.

A driftwood lamp is not a bad idea at all especially if you want to add a touch of exclusiveness in your residence.

Having your morning tea near the beach, seated on driftwood chair is not a bad option for sure.

A driftwood stand surely looks good and is pretty handy as well.

A good carpenter can surely make this for you. The design surely looks amazing and unique too.

Though this chair would not be ideal for sitting however it surely is a precious decorating item.