You can paint your bedside table and add some designs in it to make something like this.

Get a bunch of your old suit cases and paint them to make a nice bedside table for yourself.

If you have done something like this already, then rest assured that you have made for yourself a wonderful decorative bedside table.

A shelving structure like this will surely work for you as a bedside table.

By applying some wood cutting skills you can transform a wooden plank into a nice bedside table for yourself.

Not a bad idea to apply, especially if you are a late night reader!

A small ladder like this can serve as a pretty effective bedside table.

You can clean, paint and design your old bedside table to make something like or similar to this.

This is an exceptional bedside idea that can be applied.

Your old stool is not something to be thrown rather it can be used as a pretty comfortable bedside table.